Please help with this guys it would mean a lot!!! This article us being written by me!! Pass it on!! And spread the word!! #music #save #lives #ofmiceandmen #sws #bmth #issues #ofmam

My friend Jacob is doing something pretty amazing! If music has impacted your life in any way, contact him! He wants to hear your stories!


So I bought like a billion boxes of these Doctor Who post cards to decorate one of the walls in my new room and I didn’t use all of them. I’m so bored it hurts and I feel like writing/doodling. Does anybody want to be awesome and let me send them Doctor Who post cards with random stuff written on the back? I took a selfie with them so you know I’m not a weird old man asking for your address haha. 

loren-zj asked:
Okay so you properly get this all the time but what was the address that you sent all of the of mice and men fan letters to ?? Thanks :)

I didn’t mail them anything. I gave them the letters in person. And I don’t know of any fan mail address for them.






Real Friends - Late Nights In My Car

Sorry for having another promo up. I normally don’t do them but my friends have been pumping out some pretty cool stuff lately that deserves to be seen! My friend Laura got a pretty great video of All Time Low and Vic Fuentes performing A Love Like War at the Portland date of The House Party Tour on 9/18. The video isn’t the best but the audio is PERFECT for being an iPhone video. We were right next to the speakers too so I have no idea how the audio ended up sounding so good. Anywho, check it out! And follow Laura too!